Welcome to the official home page of Stiff Adjusters' Club! We are still alive and kicking! And now the projects session of these pages has been updated with the latest information!

These pages will present you the brief history of Adjusters, their ideology and projects (latest updates here!). For the most up-to-date info, pls see the Finnish section of these pages.

Stiff Adjusters' Club was founded March 1997 in Tampere, Finland. The original idea, like many other great (often synonym for crazy) ideas, occurred while the Adjusters were having a few beers in a local pub. In fact, adjusting was something that had been going on for a while, but the club made things "official".

Adjusting, shortly, means brainstorming, designing, even constructing devices. Often these are humouristic creations, although many people think they are weird and useless rather than funny and useful.

The word "stiff" may also need some explanation. Stiff, as we Adjusters understand it, means something that is made in a non-material-saving fashion, for example. It may also refer to the huge amount of effort that is needed to achieve something or to the general design philosophy or principles of a piece of equipment.

The motto of an Adjuster is: if a device is either too expensive and/or poor, do it yourself! Furthermore, there are things you just can't buy in shops!

Keep on Adjusting!

Stiff Adjusters' Club Homepage

* "Stiff Adjusters' Club" is an unofficial, rough translation of the Finnish name, Jäykät Säätäjät ry.

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